Being officers at United Nations and after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the brothers of HelpWater founder's were sent to the region to help support some of the millions of people who’d lost everything and were now homeless.

To help lift the spirits of some of the victims, after months of hard work and sadness they decided to get up a football competition, where a team from Haiti would play against teams from some of the other UN countries - and in the end an amazing twenty-seven teams put themselves forward!


The tournament was a great success and the brothers even sold the 3000 bottles of water United Nations keeps as emergency for the staff at a nominal price in the stadium to raise more money for the appeal. Without thinking about it two more countries and then more and more countries brought their own supply of bottles, raising so much that they found they could completely rebuild the maternity wing of the local hospital!


The story of poverty and despair repeats itself in many other countries around the world and if a hospital was rebuilt with a football competition and a group of people willing to do good, a company repeating the same process over and over again could (and will) do even a greater good. The one and only HelpWater goal

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